Three Extraordinary Gifts for Seattle Dog Moms

Seattle Dog Moms, you don’t mess around when it comes to providing the best for your dogs. You give them your love, and you spare no expense to make them happy. They get the best of everything because they are your everything. You work hard to give them all that they deserve, and it’s worth it just to see their sweet faces looking up at you every day. Seattle Dog Moms, you are amazing. It’s time to celebrate you with the same dedication you give to the dogs you love.


Seattle Dog Moms Treat Themselves.

You’re a strong, brilliant woman, and can treat yourself to the things that are important to you. You don’t need to wait for someone to buy you something you want. One of the most empowering things I’ve done in my life is to decide to go after the things I truly want. Sure, I’ll make a plan and save for the big things, but I don’t need anyone’s permission to spend my money on the things that I value. 

Your dogs are a huge piece of who you are, and the things you value honor that. I’ve put together three gift ideas that will not only help you celebrate how incredible you are, but will leave you feeling deeply connected to the dog you love.

Here are three extraordinary ways you can celebrate how dang awesome you are.


1. A custom 3D-printed & hand-painted statue of your dog.

We’re starting out with something amazing for dog moms who prefer art pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. These statues from Rapid 3D Concepts are custom-designed, 3D-printed and hand-painted with love. They are as unique as the dogs they’re modeled after. Each custom piece is created from photos of your dog. You can choose the pose and even include your dog’s favorite toy to accompany them. 

Here’s why I think you need one.

These statues are the perfect blend of tech, art and dogs. I don’t know what could be more ‘Seattle Dog Mom’ than that. Okay, maybe it ties with a lot of things because Seattle dog moms are multidimensional beings, and I love us. But for those of you who like to have a thing that screams tech, art and dogs, this custom 3D-printed & hand-painted statue of your dog is a must-have gift you can treat yourself to. 

The 5-inch custom-designed statue is priced at $1000. A lot goes into the creation of these art pieces, and you can see some timelapse video of the one they made of my dog, Kerouac, and her hedgie. The owners of Rapid 3D Concepts are animal-loving folks, and I had a great time interviewing them recently during my Dirtie Dog of the Year contest. I can tell you that they definitely put a lot of love into the work they do for their customers, and you will be really happy with the results.


2. A weekend getaway to the coast with your dog.

I need a vacation. After the year we’ve all had, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that you probably need one too. Not just any vacation though. One that lets you spend time with your furry best friend, and doesn’t require you to jump on a plane. Yeah, I’m gonna avoid being trapped in a flying tin can with a bunch of people for a bit longer if I can help it. Give me my car, some great snacks, the best tunes and my hairball mess of a dog and I’m happy. My husband can come too because he’s a really good driver (and we love him). 

My absolute favorite place on the coast of Washington is Kalaloch Lodge, specifically the bluff cabins. I went here for the first time for my 25th birthday with my mom, siblings and our blue heeler, Rocket. We lucked out with the weather that January. The sunsets were incredible and the night skies were lit up with stars. It was magic, and I have been in love with that place ever since. I haven’t been out there as much as I would like, but that’s something I’m planning to change. It’s just too damn amazing to not make it a yearly trip. 

Here’s what’s so great about this weekend getaway for Seattle Dog Moms. 

The cabins at Kalaloch are dog-friendly, and the ones situated on the bluff have the most amazing view. The beach below is perfect for adventuring and it’s not far to drive to trails and other beaches. The sunsets will make you forget any stresses back home. You’ll feel a deeper connection to your dog for having witnessed their joy while running through the waves in the ocean. If you need a little magic in your life, book this trip out to the coast for you and your dog.

Grab a special rate for staying with your dog!

Through The Kalaloch Lodge’s official website, you can grab their Pet Friendly Accommodations special to book a three-night stay in a bluff cabin with your dog. Depending on the size of the cabin, you’re looking at spending at least $1100 for lodging. You’ll also want to budget for food, gas, and entry to Olympic National Park if you plan to go on an adventure other than the beach at Kalaloch. Overall, plan to spend between $1500-$2000 for your entire 3-night getaway. You’ll also want to start planning any future trips sooner than later. These magical places tend to book up fast in the warmer months, but they’re also beautiful in the Winter.


3. A photo session and book to stay connected to your dog’s story.

Our dogs are our greatest gifts, and even though they don’t get to stay with us as long as we would hope, their stories don’t have to end. They can live on through us. 

My favorite gift for Seattle Dog Moms celebrates the dog you love in photos. A story session with Dirtie Dog Photography helps you to stay connected to your dog while honoring the things you love most about them. Imagine being able to sit down with a friend or a loved one to tell them about your dog, and you have a beautiful book full of photos that perfectly capture them. 

How awesome would that be?

Your dog’s story can be captured anywhere.

Although we have a ton of awe-inspiring locations here in the Pacific Northwest, your dog’s story session can be just as amazing in their own backyard. Or their favorite park. Or on their favorite chair. Wherever your dog is happiest, is generally the best location for photos. 

You are a part of your dog’s story, and they are a part of yours which means you need to be in some photos with them. You need to give yourself the gift of truly seeing the joy your dog brings out in you. We can do this together when you book a session to have your story captured. 


Connection in your hands.

The ultimate companion in story-telling, the portrait book keeps you connected to your pet’s story while allowing you plenty of opportunity to share their joy with those you love. The portrait book from SoulDog Creative is available as an a la carte purchase starting at $4375.00.

Oh, but there’s more.

So, I know I said I was going to share three extraordinary gift ideas for Seattle Dog Moms with you, but I lied. I have a bonus gift idea to tell you about, and I’m telling you, it’s going to make you and your dogs really happy.


4. Charcuterie for your dog.

Okay, as a human, I love a good snack plate. I would eat finger foods every single day if I could. Part of the fun of snack plates is sharing them with Kerouac. I never thought to have a snack plate designed just for her until I recently learned about this amazing local business that makes custom “bark cuterie” boards for dogs in Seattle. These creations from Nom Board are amazing, and I had to get one for Kerouac to find out if she would love them as much as I thought she would. 

Gotta love upgrades.

We ordered our personalized Nom Board by sending a DM to Nom Board on Instagram. They sent us the link to their order form, and we made our selections (upgrades, yes please). We then paid our bill which was $60 for the bigger board plus upgrades. They deliver the boards right to your doorstep on Fridays and Saturdays. Ours included a sweet hand-written note to Kerouac letting her know the best ways to keep her snacks fresh for several days of enjoyment.

When we opened the adorable box, we were met with Kerouac’s name spelled out in cheese (omg I love it) and several hilariously creepy creatures layered among an array of high value treats. Kerouac could smell them from across the room, and it wasn’t long before she had her nose crammed into the box to make her first selection. She went with the crazy shrimpy-thing, and I was glad she did because it is so weird and wonderful!

Whether you choose to do it in addition to the rest of the ideas in this post or as a stand-alone celebration, get a Nom Board for your dogs. They’ll love it, and you’ll love watching them devour it.


No matter what time of year you’re looking to treat yourself to something worthy of “Best Seattle Dog Mom” status, all of these gifts will help you celebrate being the awesome dog mom that you are.


We know dog moms in Seattle are amazing, but dog moms in other cities are cool too. For another awesome post about how to celebrate dog moms, check out Darlene Woodward with Pant the Town Photography collaborating with local small businesses in Boston’s North Shore community.


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    1. Thank you, Terri! Kalaloch is incredible, and I tell everyone who wants to visit the Pacific Northwest that they should definitely try to make it out there for at least one night.

  1. Umm, that charcuterie board is life! There’s a ton of charcuterie businesses popping up in Sac – I’ll have to see if any of them are doing boards for dogs!

    1. Oh my gosh, I bet there are some dog-focused charcuterie businesses in your area too! If not, it might be time for you to put a call out asking someone to do it!

    1. Well, I feel like you might be able to get some nibbles off of the fresh broccoli if Bella doesn’t gobble it all up before you get a chance. Kerouac was 100% not into sharing any of it with me. And yes, Bella’s face needs to be on the cover of all books.

  2. What wonderful ways to celebrate dog moms! Each one would hold a special place in her heart. Thank you for the tidbit about Kalalough Lodge. I might have to look into the next time we are out in the area.

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