Live The Journey With Your Soul Dog

I miss my Soul Dog every day. Every. Single. Day. I miss her sass. I miss her silliness. I miss the way she’d sneak into the bedroom in the morning, slide along my side of the bed, and scoot her nose up under the blankets until I opened my eyes and looked at her. Every […]

The gifts of my summer babies – what they’re here to remind us of.

I was standing at my back door staring out into the yard when I saw it. Something was moving in a tree. One little thing. And then another. And another.   It took me about 10 seconds to recognize what I was looking at. Three tiny raccoons climbing, and balancing, and tumbling along the branches […]

Dog Photography on The Washington Coast

There’s no wrong season for dog photography on the Washington coast. When (and where) we choose to go just depends on what kind of adventure and artwork you want to create. I’m drawn to the Washington coast for a lot of reasons. Its mix of wildness and serenity. The changing weather that brings with it […]

That time I was published in National Geographic Magazine.

I was in the shower when I got the call. On February 23rd, 2006, a senior editor from National Geographic Magazine left a voicemail informing me that my photo was going to be in the magazine. A few days earlier, I had submitted the photo for their first “Your Shot” photography theme – ”Where I […]

Welcome to the fire.

Welcome to the fire. Where we step outside of the walls built around us to discover something more beautiful and more alive, together. This is the beginning. I spent too long last night with my Instagram app open on my iPad. The empty space waiting for me to fill with words to share. Words to […]

Three reasons to be in photos with your dog this year

If I have one piece of wisdom to pass along to dog-loving folks right now, it’s that you need to be in photos with your dog this year. In 2021, I booked two professional photography sessions with my dog, Kerouac. I knew that we might not have a lot of time left together as she […]

Finding The Soul Dog Journey Project

2021 has been a journey through grief. This year was one long journey of saying goodbye. I wasn’t ready for it, and I’m not over it. But, sitting here with only two days left of 2021, I can say that because of my journey through grief, I’ve found myself closer to where I’m supposed to […]

5 Reasons I Photograph Seattle Dogs in Flowers

Some of the most beautiful displays of florals pop up throughout the year here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been lucky enough to get to photograph quite a few Seattle dogs in flowers whether their sessions take place at home or their favorite local parks. Some of my favorite parks to photograph dogs in have […]

How I Get Your Dog to Look at The Camera: Three Tricks of The Trade.

It’s a pretty normal thing for dog owners to tell me that they don’t think their dog will cooperate for photos because they refuse to look at the camera. I tell them that’s okay because we’ll work together to make their dog’s experience so much fun that they won’t even realize there’s a camera to […]

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