Dog Photography on The Washington Coast

There’s no wrong season for dog photography on the Washington coast. When (and where) we choose to go just depends on what kind of adventure and artwork you want to create. I’m drawn to the Washington coast for a lot of reasons. Its mix of wildness and serenity. The changing weather that brings with it endless opportunity to create breathtaking art. The way the ocean fills a deep longing in my soul. Which is probably why I love booking sessions out there. Actually, “love” isn’t strong enough. I’m obsessed with photographing dogs at the coast. When I’m out there, I feel connected to my wildness more than anywhere. And I feel alive with creativity in ways only the coast can draw out. The best part of visiting the coast with a dog is watching them live their best life while running, playing, and splashing along the beach. Which is why it’s always a “heck, yes” from me when clients ask about a session on the coast.   Some of my favorite locations for dog photography on the Washington coast:     The rocks at Beard’s Hollow south of Long Beach, WA.   This super cool spot with reflecting pools next to Grayland Beach State Park in Grayland, WA.   This stretch of beach near the Westport Lighthouse in Westport, WA.   The dunes at Pacific Beach State Park in Pacific Beach, WA.   And these are only a handful of what’s available for us to explore. No matter where we go for your SoulDog Story session on the coast, we’ll create art that you’ll never want to stop looking at.   Things to know about sessions at the coast with SoulDog Creative:   Plan to stay a few days. You’re driving all the way out to the coast, so why not make a multi-day trip out of it? You and your dog deserve some time to connect at the coast and leave everything else back at home. There’s a lot to explore, so having at least 3 days to do so is best. It’s also a good idea to leave some wiggle room for the weather on/around your planned session date. Depending on what the goals are for your artwork, we want to have the flexibility to shoot when the weather is going to give us some of its magic.   Bring extra clothing options if you want to be in photos with your dog. No matter what, I’m gonna tell you to be in photos with your dog. Even if all we do is capture some details that include you, it’s a good idea to plan what you’re going to wear. And because the coast has so much scenery to offer, it’s best to bring a variety of options (we don’t have to just stick to beach photos, so bring those hiking boots if you want some of your session to be on the trails too). I’m happy to help you make final selections closer to your session date (and even the night before, we can jump on zoom or FaceTime if needed).   Embrace the wildness and the unexpected. It’s completely possible that everything we plan for goes right out the window because the coast has its own agenda. If we’re shooting in the stormier months, we might get four kinds of weather in a single day. Which can make for incredible skies, but also keeps us on our toes for scheduling. A little patience and a sense of adventure is all we need to make amazing art together.   A SoulDog Story session at the coast is perfect for you if you’re ready to get out of town, embrace the wild, and let the art we create come to life through the moments we spend together. I accept bookings for the coast all year round, but it’s best to reach out as soon as possible to be sure we can fit you into my schedule.   Next steps for booking your SoulDog Story session on the coast are: Fill out the inquiry form to get on my radar. Book your consultation to chat about working together. Commit to a booking, and we’ll start planning your session!   You don’t have to know exactly when, where, or how your session on the coast is going to happen yet. We’ll cover all of that during your consultation. All you need today is to go fill out the inquiry form to get started.

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