How I Get Your Dog to Look at The Camera: Three Tricks of The Trade.

It’s a pretty normal thing for dog owners to tell me that they don’t think their dog will cooperate for photos because they refuse to look at the camera. I tell them that’s okay because we’ll work together to make their dog’s experience so much fun that they won’t even realize there’s a camera to […]

A love you never grow out of.

I was three years old when I fell in love with horses. My parents like to tell the story of how they knew it was serious when I exclaimed,  “Never in my whole life, have I ever had a pony!”  I had been bitten by the bug. The horse crazy bug. My every thought was so […]

Thank you for loving your old dog.

I love old dogs. I love everything about them. The good, the bad, the smelly. All of it. Give me an old dog to photograph, and I will leave part of my heart with them in their portrait. They will look at me with their soulful eyes, and I will be changed; transformed from every […]