It’s time to tell your Soul Dog’s story.


Let’s start with a chat about your life together.

It’s time to tell your Soul Dog’s story.

Let’s start with a chat about your life together.

It's time to tell your SoulDog's story.

Let's start with a chat about your life together.

Your journey starts here.

Fill out the Inquiry Form and book your consultation with SoulDog Creative.


Before you fill out and submit the form on this page, please make sure you’ve taken a look at the SoulDog Book page so that you’re familiar with what we’ll be creating together. We’ll go over everything in more detail during your consultation, so after filling out the form, the next thing you’ll do is book a time for us to chat.

Because I take on a limited number of sessions each month, I recommend booking your consultation as soon as possible.

I give priority scheduling to senior dogs and those with limited time left.

Whatever timeline you’re working with, reach out via this form, let me know your situation, and I’ll get you scheduled ASAP. 

If you are inquiring about collaboration or any business-related needs, please email directly.

How it works


It starts with a conversation.

During your initial consultation, I want to hear as much about you and your dog as you’d like to share. We can discuss all the details that go into telling their story, so any questions you have will be answered in this meeting. Consultations take place via Zoom.

When you decide to book your session I send a contract and invoice for your session fee via email.


We’re gonna hang out and make some art.

Sessions can take place just about anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. At home or in the wild, we go where our hearts are calling. If you’re not sure where you want to go yet, that’s ok. We work together to find the perfect spot where your dog will be happy to be doing the things they love.


A vision brought to life.

The first time you see the photos from your session is when we meet over Zoom to go through them together. I’ve taken the time to curate a collection that represents the vision of your Soul Dog’s story. You’ll be presented with artist recommendations (wall art and SoulDog book mockups), and by the end of the meeting, you’ll have selected how you want your story to come to life in print. You’ll pay for your artwork, and then the advanced editing and design process begins.


Your story in print.

The best day of all is the day you receive your finished, printed artwork. Some specialty items take a bit longer to create, so expect printed artwork to be ready between 4 and 6 weeks after your order has been paid in full and any designs have been approved. I check each item to be sure it looks beautiful, and then arrange for pickup or delivery of your finished order.