Join the SoulDog Pack

SoulDog Creative is building a collective of models for personal projects. 

Fill out the application below if you’d like to be considered for future opportunities to work with Marika.

Join the SoulDog Pack

SoulDog Creative is building a collective of models for personal projects. 

Fill out the application below if you'd like to be considered for future opportunities to work with Marika.

Let's make something beautiful together!

Hi! I’m Marika, owner of SoulDog Creative.

This year, I’m excited to spend more time exploring new ways of creating art inspired by Soul Dogs and the people who love them. I’m expecting the journey to be filled with lots of wonder and adventure that includes playing with new techniques, ideas, locations, and dog friends!

If hanging out, exploring nature, and making art with me sounds like something you’d like to do, I’d love to have you join the pack by applying to be a model.

Applications are currently open for a new round of photo challenges (Empower) from Unleashed Education (starting in March 2024), and for The Wonder of Dogs monthly project for SoulDog Wonder Journal.

For more details about what to expect as a SoulDog Creative model, scroll down to the FAQ section below.

Past projects made with SoulDog Creative models:

Embark Photo Challenges

Emerge Photo Challenges

Fill out your application here!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you and your dog are selected to participate in a project with Marika, in addition to getting to work with SoulDog Creative, you will receive a few edited digital photos from the session. The exact number will depend on the project. The photos you receive will be selected and edited by the artist.

For some projects, images selected by the artist for the project may not be included in the photos you receive in trade as they will need to be kept private until published with the project. At that point, they will be made available for purchase as printed artwork.

All selected models will be required to sign a model release in order to participate.

No. You do not have to pay anything or purchase anything if you are selected to participate in a project. 

In trade for your time, you will receive edited digital files (see above FAQ for more details) for personal use.

If you want to purchase printed artwork or more images than what you are given, we can discuss that at a later time.

SoulDog Creative personal and creative project sessions are focused on the goals of the artist. These might include one or more of the following:

trying out a new technique or piece of equipment, exploring a new location, expressing an idea, creating imagery based on a theme, adding new work to a portfolio, creating new art for entry into photography competitions, creating story content for SoulDog Wonder Journal, and more.

The main goal(s) will be what we plan the session around, but we will still make time to take a photo or two that you are hoping for (as long as it is possible in the location we are shooting in).

Depending on the specific project and goal(s) these sessions will take place in various outdoor locations in Washington state. 

There will be some projects that specifically call for women and their Soul Dogs, so if you’re chosen for one of these, you’ll be asked to be in photos too.

If you’re nervous about being in photos, I get it. It can feel awkward not knowing what to do, or what’s happening behind the camera. But here’s the thing. When you are with your dog, just being in the moment together, you are absolute magic. We’ll work together to create a fun, joyful, and stress-free experience for you and your dog. If anything awkward comes up, we take a break, regroup, do some zoomies, and continue living in the moment where you and your dog are in your beautiful light.

You don’t have to be a professional model in any capacity for this. We’re about living in real moments, and creating art that is inspired by you and your Soul Dog. 

And I’ll be here to help you embrace all of it.

Your dog’s safety is always the top priority during our time together, so leashes stay on during sessions (unless we’re in a location that allows dogs to be off leash AND your dog has excellent recall). I remove leashes in post-production (images seen here are fully edited with leashes removed during the editing process or the original image was shot in a location that allowed dogs to be safely off leash), and I have tricks to help make it easy to capture moments where the leash doesn’t take away from the magic of the moment.

Although working with me as a model for special projects is an awesome time, it is not a replacement for a full session experience (SoulDog Book session or SoulDog in The Wild session).

If you are wanting to work with me to create art inspired by you & your Soul Dog, let’s book a consultation to chat.

These special project sessions are focused on creating art for the project, so if what you need is artwork that is all about you and your dog, booking a full session is the way to go. 

But, of course, you can still fill out the model application as many of my past clients love to continue to work together whether through special projects or creating new custom artwork of the dogs they love.

Freebie Alert!

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