Marika Moffitt

Artist | Photographer | Creative Wildling
Moving the world with art inspired by Soul Dogs.

Hi! I’m Marika, owner of SoulDog Creative. Thank you for clicking through to find out more about how we can connect outside of Instagram and other social media platforms.

This page holds the doorways to the various ways we can connect. Whether you’re here because you’re interested in hiring me to tell your dog’s story through photos, or you’re an artist looking to join community with other artists seeking deeper connection & creative revolution, or you’ve been a longtime follower or past client who wants to stay in touch, let’s connect today.

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Marika Moffitt is an artist and storyteller focused on expressing the spirit of dogs through photography. As the owner of SoulDog Creative in Northwest Washington, Marika helps clients throughout the Pacific Northwest to honor their journeys with their Soul Dogs with one-of-a-kind artwork. Full of life and movement, Marika’s photographs touch deep within the heart of what it means to live the journey with the dogs we love.

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