Thank you for loving your old dog.

I love old dogs. I love everything about them. The good, the bad, the smelly. All of it. Give me an old dog to photograph, and I will leave part of my heart with them in their portrait. They will look at me with their soulful eyes, and I will be changed; transformed from every moment that came before our eyes met. Give me an old dog to photograph, and they will leave their story in my hands to carry. I will hold it, and I will share it with the next old dog who sits in front of me to take my heart. And so it will be over and over again as all the dogs find their way to have their stories captured.

That is my wish. To see all dogs grow old, and to share their stories.


To the ones who have loved an old dog,

You love them even though they aren’t what they used to be.

You love them for all that they have been. For all that they have given you.

From every one of us who has wished they could have seen their beloved pup grow old and worn.

Thank you for seeing yours through to the end.

Thank you for loving your old dog.


Seattle pet photography. Capturing the story of old dogs in the PNW and beyond.



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