The Best Seattle Parks for Dog Photos

One of the first questions I’m asked by clients when planning their dog’s photo session is, “where should we go for our shoot?” The answer is completely dependent upon the needs of their dog, but if they’re looking for a park-like setting close to Seattle, I can help. I’ve photographed dogs in a lot of local parks, but there are a handful that are my go-to spots. I’m thrilled when clients have a favorite location that is new to me, but if they’re unsure of where to go, I’m happy to share my full list of the best Seattle parks for dog photos with them. Read on to learn about six of my favorite local spots for sessions.


The Best Seattle Parks for Dog Photos

In no particular order, here is my shortlist of favorite parks to photograph dogs in:


Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA

Best Seattle Parks for Dog Photos: Marymoor Park

Marymoor Park in Redmond is a great place for a session because it offers quite a lot of space. Whether you want your dog to go off leash in the dog park or take a walk through the many areas of the main park, the scenery is perfect for photos. We didn’t have to go far from the parking area to create a variety of portraits during Worf’s Spring session. The light, trees and array of foliage provided plenty of opportunity to capture beautiful photos. I recommend booking an evening session here because the way the sun sets through the park is magnificent. If you want to head out to see the park for yourself, don’t forget to stop by The Seattle Barkery’s Treat Truck to grab a snack for your pup.


Green Lake Park in Seattle, WA

Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park in Seattle is beautiful all year round. It’s one of my favorite places to photograph dogs because there are so many little pockets of scenery to stop in. The evening light in Autumn for Sugar Man’s session lit up the fallen leaves which helped us create magical portraits for his mom. Because the park exists around the lake, the light during both sunrise and sunset makes for great photos.  This is why booking either an early morning or evening session for your dog would be awesome. It just depends on whether you’re a morning person or not. The other thing that is great about this location is that the neighborhood surrounding the park also has a lot to offer for photo opportunities.


Discovery Park in Seattle, WA

Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Magnolia, Seattle is a wonder to behold. I’ve photographed a lot of dogs throughout the park, and what I love most about it is that no session has ever come out looking the same. Every trail, open space and viewpoint has something special to offer for your dog’s photos. This patch of wild sweet peas was the perfect spot to photograph Sophie during the summer. The park looks incredible in every season of the year, and I recommend either morning or evening for your session depending on which part of the park you prefer.


Seward Park in Seattle, WA

Seward Park, located in South Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington, is a new-to-me location. I’m actually astonished that I’ve never been there until recently. Although we only explored a small area for Lemon’s session, what I loved most about this location was the way the evening light danced across the water. It created incredible reflections of the shoreline that made for beautiful portraits. The park is quite big, taking up all of Bailey’s Peninsula, so there are opportunities for both sunrise and sunset sessions. Whichever you choose, you really can’t go wrong.


Highline SeaTac Botanical Gardens in SeaTac, WA

Highline SeaTac Botanical Gardens

Highline SeaTac Botanical Gardens south of Seattle is a new location for me. I’ve actually only shot there once, but it easily made its way to the top of my list of favorite parks. In just a small area, we were able to create photos that captured Toby’s gentle spirit beautifully. When the flowers are in bloom throughout the garden, there are endless possibilities for gorgeous photos of your dog. The garden is open every day from dawn till dusk, so whether you prefer morning or evening, a photo session among the flowers will be a great choice!


Boeing Creek (aka Shoreview) Park in Shoreline, WA

Boeing Creek Park

Boeing Creek Park sits behind Shoreline Community College just north of Seattle, and it’s one of my absolute favorite places to go. I’ve shot sessions there during the morning and the evening, and the light is beautiful at both times. The gems of the park, for me, are the tiny ferns growing beneath the trees. I cannot get enough of them all year round. The entire time spent photographing Piper, we were able to harness the evening light that shone through the trees like magic. If you’re looking for a location that can provide a fairy tale atmosphere, this is it.


These are only six of the best Seattle parks for dog photos. When you book a consultation to learn more about a photo session for your dog, we can go into more detail about all of the possible locations.

If a session at a public park just isn’t the right fit for you and your dog, that’s okay! An at-home session might be better for you, so check out this post for more information.


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